Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Can Use a Medical Alert Device without a Land Line!

Medical Alert devices are an essential part of keeping seniors safe and independent in their own homes. The peace of mind that senior and their family caregivers experience is well worth the price of the device and service.

While it is recommended that individuals use a standard line phone to connect the system to the call center many households see an advantage in using a mobile phone as a primary means of contact. Mobile phones give seniors greater freedom and cost savings in that they can use a single phone number for all calling. A Harris Interactive poll report shows that 1 in 5 adults don’t have a land line and 1 in 7 adults only use a cell phone.

Caryl Technologies has developed technology that enables you to:

- Use any mobile or Smartphone to connect to a Medial Alert base station*
- Use remote alert button pendants or watches
- Custom one button contact to family and friends
- Connect your mobile phone to regular home phone units which enable you to use features like speakerphone, large button dialing, etc.
- Never worry about your mobile phone running out of battery power when using it at home
- Receive proactive reminder calls to check on your status
- Schedule medication reminders
- Track medical readings and wellness electronically

We are able to offer all these additional services for the same monthly price you are probably paying for your Medial Alert devices alone!

This solution now opens up this valuable homecare option for an underserved and growing market of not only seniors but all individuals who want to stay safe, healthy, and connected.

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* Bluetooth enabled

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