Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do You Know Your HbA1c?

HbA1c levels can determine if you are one of the about 6.2 million people in the US that have diabetes and do not know it. Scary....

I just read a report that showed, if you have diabetes, how lowering your A1c levels by 1-2% can reduce you chance of stroke, kidney and eye disease by over 70%. I know many friends that have it or are borderline so I wanted to do something that would help.

There is an old saying that “what gets measured gets done” This underscores that the first step to controlling and lowering your A1c levels is knowing it. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss! All of us need to become more aware of our own medical conditions, whatever they may be, and face the fact that unless we decide to change nothing positive will happen magically al by its self.

There have been a number of studies done like the (Diabetes Control and Complication Study) that prove that even moderate monitoring programs can improve outcomes. If you need help controlling and monitoring your diabetes at home or remotely I created two (2) options that might help.

1. If you do not have access to technology (internet/mobile), or are nor comfortable using it, we use an automated voice calling system that can capture your reading by just speaking it. We convert to digital and save it for you so that it is available for review at anytime (doctor visits).

2. For techies there is a Free text message (SMS) and email based option that allows individuals to save their readings using SMS from their mobile phone or computer email.

Each option provides the ability to see a report of saved data by web/SMS/Email at anytime 24/7. There is also the ability to set alert levels that will immediately alert you, caregivers or family if readings are outside preset safe limits.

Contact me and I can show you how you can try it free right from your mobile phone. 888-804-3622 info@caryltech.com