Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking to quit smoking - SMS can help

Recent studies have shown that a program that includes SMS reminder messages can improve success:
See article:

Build your own BCN smoke enders program. also visit one of my my favorite sites:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time to take control of your healthcare!

Consumers are facing an ever-rising tide of healthcare cost and number of preventable health conditions every day. We have all read the articles that say we should take better care of ourselves eat right, watch our weight, etc.. the list goes on and on. When we visit our doctor, for that 5-7 minutes, they tells us to lose weight, watch your blood pressure, and lower for sugar. But how to do it and getting help that we could use is harder to come by.

After you make the decision to make a change remember the simple rule that: “What gets measured gets done”. To change behavior we need something that is easy to do every day and fits into our current lifestyles. These changes will help improve our health and save us money. Many of the changes to healthcare being proposed carry a level of personal responsibility for all of us to make changes in the way we think about healthcare. If you are like me then we could use some help!

There are a number of technology tools on the market that will help us track our health conditions (i.e. Microsoft HealthVault, Google Health, etc..) but many are time intensive and if you are like me have little time every day to logon and update multiple profiles and databases. And what if you are not computer savvy? How do you take advantage of all the power of the internet to help track and manage your health?

Empowering you to take control of these issues is why we created The Buddycheck Network (BCN). You setup yours or a loved one’s personal BCN and then let us do all the work of reminding you, by phone, email, or SMS, to take your blood pressure, glucose readings, weight, medications, etc.. AND we can automatically upload the information to your personal health record (PHR) in the HealthVault so that you can see your progress along with any early warning signs. You then have a permanent record to keep and share with your medical doctor if you wish.

Remember: “What gets measured gets done!

Using Mobile Technology in Developing countries

Our company ( ) is starting to work on a project that will enable developing countries to use mobile and voice technology to access medical information from remote areas using their mobile phones. This article shows the ingenuity of the people in those areas to overcome problems.It always amazes me to see what people can accomplish with little resources but great ideas.