Sunday, October 31, 2010

Radio Interview With President of My Buddy Check

I recently had the chance to be on a great radio program the Executive Leaders Radio ( with on-air host, Herb Cohen. The thing that most impressed me about the show is that, unlike most business shows, they focused on the personal aspect of companies and their owners. I had the opportunity to listen to other CEO's, Presidents or Chairmen of companies talk about how they got started in business and the influence their families and experiences in their life that help mold them into the individuals they became.

My segment will air on...
Saturday, November 6th on WHAT/1340AM at 11am ( to hear it streamed live from their website)
Sunday, November 7th on WCHE/1520AM at 2pm ( for a live stream) &
Tuesday, November 9th on WFYL/1180AM at 11am.....

I think you will enjoy the various interviews.